Females Are Making It a Priority to Invest in Real

Real Estate

What are the reasons for this demographic’s booming interest in homeownership?
Bankrate published an article with what they believe to be some of the reasons:

Divorce rate: Known as the “Gray Divorce,” the divorce rate has doubled for those ages 50 and over and tripled for those ages 65 and over.
Average life expectancy: For women it’s 81, four years longer than men.
To build home equity: Women want to build equity through their home. As mentioned by Bankrate, “some are hoping to escape rising rents, some might be downsizing or looking for a new start,” especially those going through a gray divorce.
Are they only downsizing and buying small homes?
Not really; The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing recently stated that:

“The number of female billionaires grew faster globally in 2017 than the number of male billionaires. This redistribution of wealth has seen an impact on luxury real estate both in its purchase and design attributes – and obviously, this is important for realtors to recognize when relating to their clients.”