Do You Prefer the Charm of an Existing Home?

Real Estate

Below are some reasons why buyers are interested in purchasing a new build:

Everything in the house is new/never used (49%)
To be close to family (41%)
The home is the best value for their money (37%)
Appealing home features (34%)
Desirable location (34%)
So, then why did most of the buyers surveyed choose not to purchase a new home?
1) Location

Buyers could not find new construction in the desired neighborhood, and some felt that new construction is not established (e.g., landscaping, community, neighbors).

2) Timing

Buyers face the end of a lease or sale of their previous property and could not wait for a house to be built.

3) Price

Some buyers felt that new construction base prices were deceiving. Adding upgrades and HOA fees no longer made the home fit in their price range.

4) Appeal

For some buyers, new construction homes are too “cookie cutter,” and models are limited. Others feel that the charm and uniqueness of an existing house trumps one that’s never been lived in.